A safe space for children

A sharp spike in mental health issues among our young people is well documented.  Accessing professional support is difficult.  Waiting lists are long, impossibly long.  Too often our most vulnerable are falling through the cracks.  We provide professional counsellors to those who need it most.  Children respond well to receiving therapy inside a Jen’s Den because they are built with children in mind.

Our goal is to prevent children taking childhood trauma and emotional distress into adulthood. We encourage all children to feel brave enough to fly…

How it works?


Qualified professionals

Our counsellors are fully trained and can lean into years of experience of helping young children during difficult periods.

Develop social skills

Jen's Dens can facilitate the development of interpersonal and social skills, providing guidance and emotional support.

A space to relax

By giving students a dedicated space, they have the room to manage and regulate their emotions, helping them to relax.

To simply be

If a child's life is in turmoil, they need a space to just be.

Would your child's school benefit from a Jen's Den?