Get Involved

Challenge yourself, volunteer, donate or shop, there are plenty of ways you can get involved and support the Jenna Wilkins Foundation.

Help us make a difference

We are a team of volunteers and any support is gratefully received. Whether it's signing up for our coffee campaign, buying a candle or helping out at an event, it makes a difference.

  • Fundraise

    There are loads of weird and wonderful ways to fundraise other than sitting in a bath full of beans! From something simple like a cake sale or swear box to a karaoke challenge or gaming tournament. The list is endless..

  • Volunteer

    Join Jenna's Army and volunteer with us. From helping to clear and paint a Jen's Den, to marshalling at JENFest. We are made up of volunteers. The benefits are minimal but the reward for doing something that can quite literally change lives, is so rewarding. Come on, you know you want to...

  • Shop the Foundation

    We have some great products for you to buy. Wonderfully scented candles in three fragrances and thermal reusable, environmentally friendly travel coffee mugs. Our products are of the highest quality without the hefty price tag.

Get involved your way

Whether you fundraise, volunteer or buy a candle your contribution is making a difference.  We are made up of volunteers – Jenna’s Army – and together we can ensure the most vulnerable are lifted and supported.

If you are stuck for ideas, why not download our fundraising pack.  It’s got loads of ideas to suit everyone.