A safe, magical space where children feel nurtured and secure. Where nature and nurture combine.

Each Den is different, bespoke to the school it’s situated in. The Dens are sensory spaces to stimulate and calm. They are safe spaces where one to one professional counselling sessions take place. Children enjoy art and music therapy in the Den. Every room is designed to fit the need of the child. But dont take our word for it, here’s what the children had to say. “I like everything about Jen’s Den. The floor is fun and bumpy”. Hayley, aged 6. “There is only nature in the room and I like that”. Kavan, aged 5. “I love the squishy slugs. I love to play with them”. Willow, aged 6. “I like the tent because it is green. I like that when I get underneath it it feels warm.” Ayla, aged 5.


Our Dens have multiple uses

The Dens can be what you need them to be. They have multiple uses but essentially they are a safe space for children who are feeling overwhelmed or unsure. Each Den comes with it's own rag doll. Can you guess the name of our first rag doll? Yes, that's right. Jen. We've got Olly and Sid the sailor who are there to give support and comfort in a way that only a doll can.

Qualified Professionals

It is a unfortunate fact that some children experience trauma or loss and face situations that adults would find difficult. That's why we included qualified counsellors in our Dens. They meet with those who need support.

Sensory space

A fully equipped sensory Den has a number of benefits for children with autism. Sensory toys can help to calm and relax a child. We have seen improvement in language and communication skills within the confines of the Dens

A Space To Relax

The Dens are a great place to calm a child who is traumatised or stressed. There is little to no point in expecting a child who has issues to take a maths lesson or a spelling test. Sometimes, a quiet space for reflection is what is required.

Art, Music and Play therapy

Accessing the school curriculum through art, music and play therapy takes places in the Dens. Our team is small, but we are expanding our therapists to support those who need it most.

Waiting lists for access to professional counsellors is long and often children are waiting months to be seen.  At Jenna’s Foundation we bring the counsellor to the school.  It is our goal to have qualified counsellors and therapists in every school who will work with vulnerable children to ensure they dont take children trauma and anxiety into adulthood.

What do we put inside a Jen's Den?

Each Den is unique. Take a look at the video to see inside some Dens.

Interested In A Jen’s Den For Your School?

If your child's school would benefit from a Jen's Den get in touch. We'd love to help.