What we do

From bespoke dens to tailored pamper packs, our Foundation is varied in its pursuits with one singular goal. To support those who need it most. To be the best that they can be. Making a difference and creating a positive impact in our communities where everyone is encouraged to shine.

Our goals

Our Foundation has two main goals. To provide sensory rooms, equipment and counselling for children with special educational and emotional needs. To provide luxury pamper packs for anyone facing a cancer journey or caring for someone who is. We have one mission - to support those who are vulnerable to be the best they can be.

  • Jen's Den

    We believe every school should have access to a Jen’s Den. The Dens are safe, magical spaces where children feel nurtured and secure. Every Den is different, but each are sprinkled with magic. Some Dens are sensory spaces for children with special educational needs that promote touch, reduce anxiety and support motor skills and language skills.

  • Counselling

    The Foundation provides professional counsellors who use the Den as their "office". Children respond well to counselling in the room because the Dens are set up with children in mind. Our goal is to prevent children taking childhood trauma and emotional upset into adulthood. We encourage all children to feel brave enough to fly.

  • Pamper Packs

    A cancer journey is a tough one. It can be frightening and lonely. But you are part of Jenna's Army and a luxury pamper pack will help you feel more like you. We aim to support emotional well being. You've got this. Receiving a luxury pamper pack from a friend who tells you "you've got this" can mean everything.

Why we do it

Jenna. She is the reason the Foundation was created. She taught children with special needs. She supported women with cancer.

She was our hero.

Funny, feisty, wonderful Jenna. This is her legacy.

Get involved your way

Join Jenna’s Army. Time is precious and giving up some of that time to help a good cause makes it even more special. If you can spare some time, we’d love to hear from you.

Together we’ve got this.

Everything you need to know

Here is what we do in a nutshell.

What is a Jen's den?
A safe and magical space where children feel nurtured and secure. Each Den is different, bespoke to the school its situated in. The Dens can be sensory spaces to stimulate and calm. They are also used as a safe space where one to one professional counselling sessions take place. Some children enjoy art or music therapy in the Den. Every room is designed to fit the needs of the chlidren using it.
How can my children’s school go about getting a Jen’s Den?
Contact us using the form on our Jen's den page and we will be happy to speak with you and your head teacher. It is our intention to have a Jen’s Den in every school and eventually to have central hubs nationally where parents and children can meet and take
Why did you start the Foundation?
Two reasons. One, to continue Jenna’s work with children with special educational needs and to support any person facing or caring for someone with cancer. Our role is small in the scheme of things but we can make a difference. However small. Secondly, and we admit selfishly, we determined that Jenna’s name will live on and that it will be synonymous with good. That her legacy will be incredible. She deserves that.
Can I have a pamper pack?
Yes you can! Simply head to our 'Pamper pack' page complete the form and if you are facing a cancer journey or are caring for someone who is then we hope to make your journey a little more relaxing. The form comes back to us and we will get your pamper box ready and sent out to you.