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At Jenna’s Foundation, we believe that every child is unique. Our goal is to offer a helping hand, embrace differences and to support every child to shine - encouraging them to reach for the stars. To feel brave enough to fly.

Your morning coffee can mean more than just caffeine.

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Jenna’s Story

Having been diagnosed with cancer at 21 years old, Jenna serves as the inspiration and motivation behind the foundation. You can learn more about her story and what we stand for below.

How the cups can add up:

1 cup
5 cups
15 cups
50 cups
1000 cups
1 cup


Six minutes of counselling

5 cups


Cost of a sensory toy to improve motor and language skills

15 cups


A professional therapist to work with a child who has suffered trauma or loss

50 cups


Average cost of specialist sensory equipment

1000 cups


The installation of a Jen's Den

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Jen's Dens - where nature and nurture combine

Jen’s Dens are safe, magical spaces where children with additional needs feel nurtured and secure. Or, as Thomas, aged 6, says “there is only nature in the room and I like that. I like the squishy slugs.”

Pamper Packs

A cancer journey is a tough one. It can be frightening and lonely. But you are part of Jenna’s Army and a luxury pamper pack will help you feel more like you. We aim to support emotional well being. You’ve got this. . Receiving a luxury pamper pack from a friend who tells you “your’ve got this” can mean everything. If you feel that a pack would benefit you please contact us.

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    We have some great products that are high end, without the hefty price tag. Our candles are wonderful and come in three fragrances. Our coffee cups are environmentally friendly, reusable and rather attractive (even if we do say so ourselves!).

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